PopCandi Outplacement Services

Delivering exceptional guidance and support to impacted team members, harnessing insights and coaching from experts in Talent Acquisition.

We are a bit different than traditional outplacement services. We are recruiters, who are dedicated to helping outplaced team members with behind the scenes knowledge on how to make their candidacy pop!

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Our Method



Impacted employees engage with our dynamic webinars, covering crucial career topics. Gain insights, strategies, and the latest industry trends to ensure they stand out in their next job search.


1:1 Coaching

Focused on refining their resume, perfecting their interview techniques, and developing targeted job search strategies tailored to their unique goals.



A repository of tools, templates, and guides designed to empower their transition with practical, actionable resources.


Ongoing Support

Benefit from continuous assistance throughout the career transition. Our dedicated team is here to guide the individual at every step, providing support beyond the initial phases.

Client Benefits

Our modern, flexible approach caters to a team member first approach that represents you as a caring and supportive employer during this difficult transition.

Modern Approach

Embrace innovative strategies and cutting-edge tools for a dynamic career transition with PopCandi Outplacement.

Personalized Guidance

Experience tailored coaching and resources, uniquely crafted for their career goals with PopCandi's expert team.

Recruiter's Perspective

Gain an insider's edge with PopCandi's unique recruiter-driven approach, enhancing their job search with industry insights.

Simple and Easy Interface

Everything is initiated through the tested PopCandi platform. Once an impacted employee initiates a session through their unique code, the process begins!

What our amazing clients have to say...

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My PopCoach helped remove a block in my ability to simplify my resume. With over 15 years of experience it’s hard to figure out what’s right for which job. He showed me how to effectively use AI and coached me on some things to consider as I think through career moves. If you need someone to get you going and help provide clarity...I love what PopCandi is doing for job seekers. A definite gap in the market they are filling.

Sarah M

1 stars2 stars3  stars4 stars5 stars
My introduction call with my PopCoach was excellent. He immediately made it known that he was there to...provide himself as a resource to get me where I am trying to go. The tools he and the advice he provided me were invaluable. I can't wait for my next meeting.

Ethan W

1 stars2 stars3  stars4 stars5 stars
During my call with her, my PopCoach was highly professional and answered all of my questions with expert detail. I would not hesitate to book another session with her.

Melinda L.

1 stars2 stars3  stars4 stars5 stars
My PopCoach was amazing! I had been struggling with how to capture my unique skills in a way that would capture the attention of recruiters. His tips on how to refine my resume, focus in on what is important and cut the fluff, and utilize tools like AI to help me brainstorm and identify latent themes was a game changer for me. I am now excited about my job search because I feel that I have a firm grasp on how to position myself for jobs that I want.

Jay K

1 stars2 stars3  stars4 stars5 stars
I really appreciated and enjoyed the insight that my PopCoach provided in our session. He validated some of my understanding, expanded how to think about the job application process, and provided great insight as to how a recruiter will review and approach the evaluation of a resume/application. My PopCoach also provided additional resources to strengthen my resume and prepare for the interview process.

Shervin G

1 stars2 stars3  stars4 stars5 stars
I thought the session was great! My Popcoach definitely gave me more confidence and provided both practical and holistic tips to motivate me to keep going. After the session I felt like I had a few actions items, resources, and a new advocate who has my back in my job search. I'm excited for another session!

Alexandria P

1 stars2 stars3  stars4 stars5 stars
My Popcoach was very kind. They helped me with my LinkedIn and my current situation. He heard what I needed and helped a lot! We got to so many ideas in just 30 minutes. Totally worth it!

Sandra H

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Outplacement Pricing

Adaptable tiered packages catered to your unique workforce needs.

What sets us apart?

Enjoy the flexibility of a tiered structure and pay only when your team members engage.

We can adjust hours or coaching or increase webinars based on your needs.

With transparent tracking and invoicing, our platform seamlessly aligns with your requirements